Full Service Salon in Palm Springs

1717 E. Vista Chino   Ste. A-4

Palm Springs, Ca. 92262


We create with you in mind !

Hair ;


Hair cutting; wet, dry, scissors, clippers

Hair coloring; we are versed in all forms of hair color

Smoothing Treatments;

     Keratin Complex

     Cezanne ​     



     S.H.E. (SoCap Hair Extensions)


Customed made extensions exclusively for you and your hair type and color.

Manicures and Pedicures;

Natural nails, acrylics, gels

Airbrushed Makeup

Certified Airbrushed Makeup

Certified Bridal Airbrushed Makeup

Spray Tan;  

Natural looking or Dark for Body Building Competitions


(men and women);

Boy-O-Boyzillian Every t​hing that fits in your tight whities

Behind Your Back 
Back wax

Off Your Chest ; Get that hair off your chest (and stomach)

Divide and Conquer Your Brow ; 
No more uni-brow

Ears to You ; 
Get rid of the "old man" ears and hear what people say about you (especially those sweet things whispered in your ears)

Where the Boys Are ; 
The bag that's always packed

'Tween the Cheeks and Across theBum ;  
mmmmmmmmmmm nice and clean 

Trench and Tackle 
Crack and Sack

The Nose Knows 
Unsightly nose hairs

Water Polo Legs
Nice, smooth legs (full or half)

The Full Monty ; 
Almost everything !!

Bikini ; Landing strip

Chin ;No Fu Man Chu for you

Facial ; Kissable

Under arm ; Don't look like a Russian swimmer

Hollywood ; Porno star; bare every where

Upper lip ; No more mustache !